Saturday, August 08, 2009

Duncan's Last Day

My best friend passed over the Rainbow Bridge in March 2009. Duncan was ill off and on for most of his life. On the day of his passing he could not keep anything down and my little blue Angel passed within hours. Duncan was a huge part of my life, and even saying this minimizes the impact this 28 gram fluffball of feathers had in my life. Dunky had comments and sound effects for absolutely everything, 24/7. He was a kind, loving, social, silly and very easy going Parrotlet! My family, co-workers, hair dresser, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc, were subjected to endless stories about the daily happenings surrounding Duncan and I. He sang three songs and had a large vocabulary; the most hilarious being sniffing sounds and 'you smell delicious!', and 'kiss toes!' He even screened my current boyfriend, and after 3 months of dive bombing him, Duncan finally accepted Bill into our "flock" when he landed on his shoulder! Duncan was my calm when there was a storm, and if I ever had a difficult time sleeping I would close my eyes and think of him. This photo was taken the last evening he was alive. Duncan loved toast so much, and would often sit near the toaster making ticking sounds waiting for it to come out.

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