Saturday, August 08, 2009

Meet Ryley, DOB January 26, 2009

I brought Ryley home shortly after losing Duncan. I found this adorable little guy, the last boy in his clutch, on Kijiji. He hails from Innisfail, AB. He is parent-raised instead of human pulled and syringe fed. His current weight is 24 grams, and so Ryley is smaller than a hand-fed plet, and a little more bird than a bird who thinks he's human (this may change). He is 6 months old now and talking up a storm, and loves to ride on my shoulder. There are a lot of words that are grumblies right now too, but they will become more clear eventually. Ryley is such a little sweetheart, and so tiny but don't let him fool you ~ he's tough!

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