Friday, June 25, 2010

Tisk, tisk

Where have I been?  I took a little hiatus.  I was tired of trudging through all of the spam in my inbox.  Lots going on, and we went on a road trip to BC for a week.  Now we're moving, or rather I'm moving, splitsville, end of chapter = emotional wreck.  Methotrexate 1, me 0.  It's kicking my ass right now, and I'm trying to work and feel "normal".  I will relax and heal when I can shut the door on all of this, and take some well needed me-time.

You know what is great in all of this?  I have very supportive friends and family.  Closer to home, connecting with other women once monthly at the Millionaire Woman's Club meetings has been an inspirational and empowering experience.  I forgot to make my biz cards to take with me last night!

The Millionaire Woman's Club in Edmonton was founded by speaker, author and success coach, Debra Kasowski.   The club offers a supportive and empowering environment, with guest speakers, games and sharing.   It's a place where women network, and share their knowledge and expertise = Power!   Last night we had guest speakers Dorothy Briggs, founder and owner of Womanition magazine and website, and Dawn Murray taught us how to do the Emotional Freedom Technique

Next month we're meeting at a consignment store for a little wine tasting and fashion show.  Hey, are you Tweeting your biz yet?  What do you do?  My expertise and training is in tobacco cessation.  I counsel, coach, motivate and educate clients about how to set goals towards quitting smoking.  Do you have any tips to help me create my own business cards?  Your feedback is appreciated.  Just so you know, I do not respond to spam.

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